lørdag 6. mars 2010



some tattoos are beautiful. and in some way inspiring. i really want to get one myself - a small and an meaningful tattoo. a short message that means something, and that i want regret getting.

what are your thoughts around tattoos?

/ GJ

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  1. Kjempe fine...
    Jeg har tre stykker selv jeg, så jeg liker tattoveringer godt.

  2. It's cool... I guess it's best to really look for a design which has a special meaning to you. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. i cant commit to a cereal for my house, much less a tatoo. i think some are cool though.

  4. Tattoos are gorgeous! I'm just too scared to get one.

    Love the first one!

    TEE&FAME x

  5. can be so beautiful with the right words...
    love the bottom one

  6. I love tattoos like these short messages, I would like to have one but I'm getting bored of things so quickly that I'm afraid I'm gonna regret it pretty soon.
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  7. Love the float one!
    I want to get a tattoo but can't decide what to get so I don't think it's worth getting one until I know.

    Thanks for the nice words about my blog :)



  8. Jeg funderer på min første, nå. Det er så vakkert! (med horrible unntak, selvfølgelig)
    og hyyl - jeg kan ikke kommentere bloggen din uten å ha en eller annen form for konto et sted ó.O

  9. some tattoos are awesome and some are too try hard i find i love meaningful text like Freja's float one because it has a meaning to and and is original.. i kinda want a tattoo my self tehe

    cool blog!

    check it out!

  10. tattoos are beautiful when done right. i've seen so many horrible ones. i'm getting one, when i decide exactly what i want.

  11. thanks for the comment :) and i think a small tattoo with a message is perfect. i love the "float" one.

    helen xx

  12. I love tattoos, as long as they are not overdone, and don't cover every inch of your body. It's nice to see bare skin, too. I love seeing tattoos on ankles, wrists, and lower backs.

    Nice blog! :) x